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Introducing a Comprehensive Kiosk Integration Solution from Critical Path Solutions, LLC. (CPS)

Kiosks help retailers reach more customers and drive incremental revenue. Busy, on-the-go shoppers will be drawn to kiosks for fast, convenient self-service. The challenge facing retailers, kiosk vendors, and third-party solution providers is the ability for kiosk applications to coexist within the current confines of a retailer’s store architecture, applications and network topology.

• CPS Integration Software Solution – the CPEnabler™
• Simplifies Point-of-Sale (POS) Integration
• Enables Self-Service Kiosk Operations
• Enables Integrated Payments and Card Programs
• Enables Centralized Price and Promotion Management

CPS’s solution combines specialized software and focused professional services to assist retailers, kiosk vendors and third-party solution providers successfully implement new applications within the integrated retail environment.

Built from the Retailer’s -- and -- the Kiosk Vendor’s Perspective
For years, CPS has designed and implemented technology and payment solutions for leading retailers. As today’s retail POS environments are becoming more automated with the introduction of kiosks, self-service check out, digital store fronts, digital signage and more, it becomes extremely important for retailers and vendors to embrace an architecture which simplifies integration and interoperability, minimizes changes and allows for transparency as new applications and hardware technologies evolve.

The CPEnabler middleware solution allows kiosks and other thin client based customer facing solutions to access store and/or enterprise information and provides the capabilities of managing the customer’s basket, providing price look up, delivering loyalty promotions, and tendering electronic coupons, credit, debit, and gift transactions.


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